with Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise 




Founded & Taught by Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise 

200YTT Certified Interdisciplinary-Yoga Teacher & Your Inner Spark Ignitor

ZEM FLOW Yoga awakens your tender, and simultaneously your tenacious & courageous sides. It calls you to be radical in your willingness to dive into the spectacular abyss of your inner world in order to express and expand your magnificent & unique energy (call it spirit, or any other word you're comfortable with) … therefore continuously improving the quality of your life in ways that are aligned with your true purpose. I truly believe that this is what welcoming yoga in authentic ways into our lives can awaken within us all. ZEM FLOW Yoga, is a creative & inspiring style of yoga based on VINYASA (Flow Yoga) - an invigorating meditation in motion. I bring in various creative elements that inspire me, such as QI-GONG and other energy practices, to enrich the experience for each yogi who joins the class. ZEM FLOW Yoga style is not only creative in pose sequencing & movement! It is also filled with uplifting and affirmative ideas to inspire you to go within your own being, if you wish to do so. Almost all classes are set to music ... the muse that inspires our bodies to move beyond our mind's projected limitations. During a ZEM FLOW class, I create a sacred space for an inspired community to come together to move and heal our bodies, align our minds, hearts and souls, and awaken to our most authentic expression through the practice of yoga, meditation and curious inquiry into the self.


"I believe in your unique, ever-expanding potential and invaluable contribution by simply discovering how to be authentically and unapologetically yourself. 

This is the heart of my intention. I aim to inspire you to connect to and to unleash your magnificent & unique power that may otherwise lay shyly dormant within your being … "



Zuzana's soulful intention to inspire others to awaken to their own authentic expression through creative yoga movement, honest self-inquiry and radical presence are at the heart of her ZEM FLOW Yoga. She offers non-authoritative, uplifting and transformational experience for those present in her classes. Her passionately inspiring spirit, years of experience lived throughout the world, and over 15 years involvement in yoga, and various other spiritual practices, make her a unique, powerful and knowledgeable teacher, who will guide your body, mind and soul through an amazing journey of unfolding to your truest self. With European Roots and Canadian 'maturing', Zuzana began her love affair with Yoga & other spiritual practices in Canada. She later studied at & received her Certification as an Inter-Disciplinary Yoga Teacher at the former NOSARA YOGA INSTITUTE in Costa Rica, under the guidance of two incredible beings - internationally renown teachers, Don & Amba Stapleton. Zuzana is the original founder of Zem Yoga Studio in Rome, where she began to shape her individual style she's since coined as ZEM FLOW. The Studio very quickly developed into an amazing international community of inspired beings, a beloved sacred space in the heart of a bustling city. In 2016 Zuzana sold the Studio Operation with the intention of taking her ZEM FLOW YOGA into the world as a Freelance Teacher. When not teaching yoga, Zuzana works as an artist - photographer & filmmaker. Together with her husband David, they've founded a creative interdisciplinary atelier called DAMAZU STUDIO, where the two share what they love all under one roof. Zuzana lives with her husband and their dog Cooper Jr. amidst spectacular nature on Salt Spring Island in the Pacific North West of Canada. 


VINYASA in Sanskrit means 'flow' - alignment of breath and movement - linking one asana (pose) to the next in a continuous & often dynamic flow that evokes internal heat within the body, strengthening and improving the cardiovascular system, flexibility, muscle and joint strength & over-all endurance, all the while detoxifying and cleansing the body, increasing mental clarity and allowing for a deeper sense of peace, ease and most importantly, a harmonious unity of the body, mind and soul. 

zem FLow retreat






yoga meditation creativity

zem flow retreat with Zuzana


MARCH 29 - APRIL 04 / 2020

*Registration Ends JAN 15 2020*

An inspiring journey into Costa Rica's healing Blue Zone to rediscover your authentic goodness, inner wisdom, strength, and radiant health.

Zuzana will guide you to re-align your body, illuminate your mind and embody your playful spirit through thoughtful movement, meditation, explored creativity & daily Satsang sharing.


You not only do this for yourself ... Everyone in your life will receive the blessings of your transformation.

Be Bold. Stay Humble.
2 x daily yoga


Creative & Dynamic ZEM Flow Vinyasa


Slow & Restorative ZEM Flow Yoga


daily meditation


Awaken to the day with silent, equanimous presence, observing the truth of your whole system

Introduction to Anapanasati Mindfulness Meditation


evening satsang


Heart & Mind illuminating Satsang Sharings with Retreat Teacher Zuzana​

2 x
creativity explored workshops

2 Part WORKnotSHOP

Playful Exploration of

what it means to "Be Creative"

with Damazu Studio Team 

David & Zuzana Marchandise



sound bath


Immersion in the healing power of sound & vibrations performed live

to tune up the resonance of our bodies


2 daily meals


Family Style Plant Based Breakfast

+ Revitilazing Juice


Family Style Plant Based Dinner

Catered by Chef JanPaul





* 6 Nights Accommodation in a Private Retreat Residence

* 6 Days of Daily Yoga (2 Yoga Sessions/Day), Meditation, Satsang Circle

* 2-Part Creativity Explored Work-not-Shop with a Creative Magician David Marchandise from Damazu Studio

* Sound-Bath Experience Performed Live

* 2 Nourishing Plant-Based Meals a Day (Breakfast + Dinner)

* 1 Revitalizing Fresh Juice Daily

* Fruits, Healthy Snacks, Tea, Coffee 

* 1 Private Consult with Retreat Teacher Zuzana


* Flights to and from Costa Rica

* Transportation to and from the Airport to Nosara (Shuttle)

* Lunch-Meal during Daily Free Time (Nosara has many delicious options for food)

* Surf Lessons / Surf Rentals during Daily Free Time

* Optional Group Sunset Dinner on Saturday, April 4th at La Luna

* Travel InsuranceWe strongly encourage all participants to obtain comprehensive Travel Insurance for any Travel-Related Incidents (i.e. Travel Delays/Cancellations, Medical Expenses, Lost or Damaged Belongings)

  • Plenty of Free Time to be as still or as active as you feel from day to day: learn to surf, take walks on the beach, journal, swim in our private salt-water pool, take in the spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean (quite the daily spectacle!), and much more..


Costa Rica's Best Surf + Yoga Beach Town: In the last 10 years Nosara (Playa Guiones) has grown quietly into one of the hip holistic hot-spots on the planet. This peaceful and vibrant international community of nature lovers, surfers, yogis, and families truly embraces the "Pura Vida" lifestyle. In addition to its abundance of yoga and great surf for all levels, Nosara’s miles of unspoiled coast are the main draw. Local laws prohibit construction within 550 feet off the shore, resulting in pristine, undeveloped beaches. With one of the most consistent breaks on the planet, Playa Guiones is the area’s most popular beach and a paradise for surfers. The Pacific Ocean is warm and welcoming for swimming, body-boarding, playing in the waves or soaking up the spectacular sunsets over the horizon of the Pacific Ocean at the end of a day, while sitting along the sandy coastline that stretches for miles. Nosara (Playa Guiones) is a remote town set amidst rich bio-diversity and lush nature, which makes it a gem of a location for "returning home to oneself".


Private Retreat Haven in the Surf & Yoga Beach Town of NosaraPlaya Guiones with Salt-water Pool, Outdoor Yoga Shala, Jungle Gardens, and a Private Path to the beautiful & unspoiled Playa Guiones Beach. 



Retreat Begins in the Afternoon of Sunday, March 29 and Wraps Up in the Late Morning of Saturday, April 04, 2020.

Give the Gift of Wellbeing to those you Love this Holiday Season.
And dare I say that maybe that's YOU!

Receive $100 USD OFF 
The Total Retreat Price If You Register & Pay your Deposit
By End Of Day On December 24th, 2019.
Use 'ZEM GIVES' In Your Registration Message.

1 Offer Valid per Person. Offer expires on the morning of December 25th, 2019.

$500 USD Deposit is to be paid & received in full via E-Transfer or Wire by Dec 24, 2019 in order to receive this discount.

Remaining Balance will be due by February 15, 2020. Total Retreat Price varies depending on Room Choice. Please see website for more details on Pricing.

** ** **


Shared Double Room w/Shared Bathroom* - $1,800 USD/Person

LG Shared Dbl Room w/ Ensuite Bathroom - $1,950 USD/Person

LG Shared Dbl Room w/Separate Bathroom** - $1,900 USD/Person

Private King Room w/Ensuite Bathroom - $2,800 USD/Single Occupancy // $2,050  USD/Person for Dbl Occupancy

Private Casita (20ft from Main House): Dbl Bed + Loft Twin Bed w/Ensuite Bathroom - $2,800 USD /Single Occupancy // $2,100 USD /Person for Dbl Occupancy

* Shared Bathroom - Shared Between 2 Dbl Rms *

** Separate Bathroom (also used by Common Space) - Just a step outside the Room **

*** Room Availability & Configuration: First-Come-First-Serve Basis ***

- - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -

> $500 USD Non-Refundable Deposit Due by Jan 15, 2020 (E-Transfer in the US & CANADA; Wire-Transfer from Over-Seas)

> Remaining Balance Due by Feb 15, 2020

> Space is Limited // Room Configuration on First Come First Serve Basis 

> We strongly recommend obtaining a Travel Insurance as we, the Retreat Organizers, cannot be responsible for any unexpected Travel Changes, Trip Delays or Cancellations, Lost or Damaged Belongings, etc.

- - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -


There are two international airports in Costa Rica: Liberia International Airport (LIR – Daniel Oduber Quiros Airport) and San Jose International Airport (SJO – Juan Santamaria Airport). Both airports have frequent flights to and from all over the United States and Canada. We recommend flying into Liberia International Airport (LIR), which has been recently expanded with increased numbers of flights from the US and Canada. It is only a 2 ½ hour scenic drive from Nosara (Playa Guiones), and has become a destination of many non-stop flights from several US cities. There are several Shuttle & Private Taxi Companies running a frequent daily service between Nosara & Liberia Airport (LIR). 


Flying to San Jose International Airport (SJO) is also an option as sometimes flights from the US, Canada, or other parts of the world are less expensive or more direct than flying into Liberia International Airport (LIR). Getting to Nosara (Playa Guiones) from San Jose International Airport (SJO) by ground transportation however is more costly and can take 4 ½ hours.

An alternative option is to take a 40-minute short domestic flight from/to San Jose International Airport to/from the local Nosara Airport (only a 15-minute drive from Playa Guiones).



We've taken gypsycabnosara.com in the past and the service was great and courteous (Shared Shuttle Rides at Set Departure Times). There are also Private Van-Shuttle Options (Between 1 - 7 Passengers), if you wish you travel alone or in your own group, at your own time. 

We recommend working with a Travel Agent for Ease of Organizing all details of your trip as smoothly as possible.

Looking very forward to sharing this illuminating experience with You! 


Client Reviews



Jess (Australia)

This is the perfect way to revive your adventurous bodies and bring that awareness back to yourselves. I highly recommend.

Tamara (Rome)

Aaaaaahhhh ... Zem [Flow] and its creator Zuzana are the essence of warmth and balance - and I am not talking about external warmth and balance (although there's that, too). I mean inner warmth and balance.

Luke W. & Erica (US & Italy)

A Yogi's Delight. 

We had fantastic classes with Zuzana. She is an accomplished, articulate teacher who teaches from the heart. We'll definitely be back on our next trip. Five stars--very highly recommended.  

Tiffany (Italy)

I never discovered the true joy and deep release that yoga can bring until I practiced with you. Thank you for everything I learned in our short time together.

Robert W. (Abu Dhabi)

Amazing Grace!

Amazing instruction by Zuzana, who is a fantastic human being.  Great vibe, FUN, FRIENDLY. I am still buzzing 12 hours later from the experience. Drop in and you will not be disappointed.

Jim G. (Colorado, USA)

Zuzana's classes are a physically challenging journey to the calm place within. She is an inspiration, both on and off the mat, an incredibly worldly woman with an enormous breadth of experience. Her classes inspire a sense of awe and a feeling of real accomplishment.

Sandy W. (USA & Italy)

 I tried for years to like yoga and frankly, I just didn't. You [Zuzana] showed me the way and gave me a space where my mind could be free--that's huge, since it basically never stops moving unless I'm at a ZEM [Flow Class].

Julia (USA & Italy)

Thank you again for the awesomeness you had brought here - with your Zem [Flow]  and by being you. I was amazed what a difference going to your Zem [Flow classes] made in my life during that time. Your classes (the challenging flow, the candlelight, the meditation, the connection) grounded me and lifted me up. Your thoughtful and authentic style helped me come back to a sense of purpose and flow during uncertain times. And I think that experience has influenced me in a positive way and made me a better person, no matter where I am or whether I'm doing yoga.

Lauretta Z. (Italy)

At last, a true-to-spiritual venue.

Not only are the classes profoundly transformative in a physical sense, they also embody what should be the meaning of Yoga in a traditional, formative sense: the ability to feel connected to Oneself at every level! Thank you thank you!

Ricardo (Italy)

Yoga with Passion! 

Zuzana is a gifted teacher and gave us yogis an exhilarating and mindful experience. A highlight of (my trip) I will always cherish.

Peggy (Florida, USA)

Zuzana is expert at making a room full of strangers from all walks of life feel welcome ... and included in the practice. 


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